A part of the portfolio is allocated to infrastructure related projects which positively impact the Kingdom of Bahrain
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INTELCORE's investment and operational focus predominantly involve the most challenging and rewarding frontiers of global and regional research, business development and innovation. Building on this clearly defined focus, INTELCORE leverages an international network of highly specialised and renowned technology and strategic partners to source and develop the most effective and efficient solutions to the commercialisation of promising concepts and ideas. Similarly, INTELCORE's process for evaluating and critically assessing potential projects streamlines innovation and optimizes time-to-market, maximises return on investment and balances risk. INTELCORE’s business focus includes, but not restricted to, the following sectors:


Such as aircraft and spacecraft applications, earth observation, navigation and communication, auxiliary equipment and supplies, Bionics, Biomechanics and Biosensoric (e.g. plant geosensors).


Ranging from clean/green technology (i.e. geothermal energies) and climate change innovations (i.e. carbon offset projects and Clean Development Mechanisms) to solar applications (such as fuel cells, solar-thermal energy conversion and solar hydrogen production) and a variety of water related developments such as deep water technologies, desalination technologies and sewage cleaning applications (i.e. photocatalytical sewage treatment).

Information and Communications Technology (ICT)

Ranging from business intelligence to online innovations such as knowledge-based search engines and offline/online developments such as data security systems and software engineering.

Micro- & Nanotechnology, New Materials (i.e. adaptive materials, composites, mechatronics, sensor technologies, piezoelectronics).

Mobility, Safety & Security

A range of innovations and new technology enhancing the realms of commercial mobility, personnel safety and infrastructure security (developed to suit specific requirements such as those for the petrochemical industry, financial industry, etc.).

Petrochemical Industry

Including various service related applications such as:
  • Helicopter flown remote sensing, leakage detection & survey services for oil and gas pipelines.
  • In-situ pipeline inspection & maintenance technology (i.e. ultrasonic).
  • Digital terrain models (DTM) and Geo Information Systems (GIS) applications for hydrocarbon industries (i.e. pipelines).