At what development stage of a project or company does INTELCORE usually initiate investment?
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INTELCORE is an innovations company registered in the Kingdom of Bahrain. INTELCORE actively seeks to identify, develop, fund and bring-to-market concepts and ideas by combining an entrepreneurial outlook with a vision to create bankable solutions for the next generation.

INTELCORE functions as a 'clearing house' of ground breaking concepts, ideas, and intellectual property, including nascent research and patents. Its highly collaborative approach to regional and global business solutions provides thinkers and creators access to investment and guidance via a dynamic framework for the commercialisation of their concepts. INTELCORE's investors thus participate in a broad range of emerging innovation and business’ developments promising realistic returns on investment. Additionally, part of INTELCORE's investment portfolio focuses on infrastructure related investment opportunities which directly benefit the Kingdom of Bahrain and the region; this diversification also serving to balance risk associated with a pure early stage development and venture capital portfolio. INTELCORE also leverages its expertise in taking ideas from concept to market by offering a variety of expert strategic advisory & consultancy and project management services to its clients across the private and public domains.


INTELCORE, as a dynamic precision investment company, seeks to become the region's leading force, in the field of innovation, leveraging of technology, and strategic investment in emerging business sectors.  As a centre for excellence, INTELCORE's consistent performance reinforces its stature as a world-class firm and an astute advisor for global productive investments.


INTELCORE’s mission is to implement and deliver business-driven oriented solutions by effectively and efficiently managing the innovation process, nurturing enhanced endeavour, and minimizing time-to-market for rewarding technology.

Independently or collaboratively, INTELCORE operates as a clearing-house for precise ideas by actively identifying, developing and investing in emerging global viable business endeavors as well as infrastructure opportunities within the Kingdom of Bahrain. Bringing together an international network of leading expert affiliations, INTELCORE provides creators with the platform to commercialise their ideas, and offers investors unique opportunities to maximise returns.

INTELCORE remains strongly committed to supporting and empowering the next generation of creators, innovators and entrepreneurs in the global arena.