INTELCORE is an innovations company registered in the Kingdom of Bahrain. INTELCORE actively seeks to identify
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What kind of project or company is INTELCORE most interested in partnering with?

INTELCORE seeks sound proposals of work   in line with its focus and vision of implementing advanced and professional concepts.  These proposals can originate from start-up technological companies, as well as scientists, researchers and engineers – either individually or working as a group. Academic institutions with innovative transparent ideas are equally welcome. Click here to see all related sectors where INTELCORE is active. Please note that INTELCORE does not engage in medicine and pharmaceutical projects (life sciences) and similar areas.

At what development stage of a project or company does INTELCORE usually initiate investment?
INTELCORE's typical investment is in individuals and groups which generate the core concept or idea. In the case of companies, this is usually in the early stages of a venture.

What is the typical amount which INTELCORE invests in a project?
While amounts vary from sector to sector and the nature of the investment itself, INTELCORE generally participates as the lead investor and usually invests between USD 1 to 5 million in a project.

How does an individual or group interested in investment initiate dialogue with INTELCORE?
INTELCORE welcomes interest from individuals, groups and companies seeking investment and even advice on how to proceed. Dialogue is ideally initiated with an email or by telephone. Click here for INTELCORE's contact information.

What kind of information does INTELCORE require a proposal to provide?
Click here to review INTELCORE's proposal submission guidelines.

How should a proposal be submitted to INTELCORE?
Click here to review INTELCORE's proposal submission guidelines.

How does INTELCORE deal with the data in a proposal?
To optimize and streamline preliminary proposal reviewing due to the large number of proposals received regularly, INTELCORE is unable to enter into non-disclosure agreements until the proposal is approved for business planning and subsequent development (Phase 2). However INTELCORE's strong ethical standards safeguard the confidential nature of all the proposals it receives in Phase 1.

How does INTELCORE assess and decide to invest in a project or company?
A senior analyst reviews and assesses submitted proposals, and once this initial assessment is completed, the originating parties or company is duly informed of the results. Subsequently if INTELCORE shortlists the proposal for further evaluation, it assigns expert analysts to the project who carry out further review and also meet with the creators of the proposal.

How long does it take INTELCORE to reach a decision and invest?
Since INTELCORE's interest in a project or company involves a mid- and long-term commitment, a typical cycle from initial review to actual investment can range from two to three months. However, INTELCORE attempts to respond to proposal submissions within two weeks of receiving the initial concept draft.

What is INTELCORE's involvement after investing in a project or company?
INTELCORE's maintains central involvement with the project or company throughout its lifecycle. Based on specific scenarios, INTELCORE may nominate representatives to be board members of companies, and in addition ensure that senior, experienced guidance and advice is available at all times. INTELCORE also makes available the substantial resources of its global affiliate and partner network which provides INTELCORE's creators, entrepreneurs and clients access to some of the world's leading research and development entities.